In Forensic Service of Larissa the bodies of the victims of the train tragedy that occurred on Tuesday night in Tempi continue to be transported.

“This is a massive tragedy. We are in the process of identifying and identifying the bodies from the train accident in Tempe. This is a painstaking process that takes time. It’s really unbelievable what happened,” he says to APE-MPE Coroner Rubini Leontari, which has undertaken the process of necropsy and necropsy of the dead people of the passenger train in Tempi.

Mrs. Leontari also emphasized that the “humanly possible” is being done by the forensic service, estimating that the number of dead will probably increase.

The head of the Forensic Service of Larissa, Rubini Leontari, together with the forensic experts Christos Kravaritis and Chrysavgi Kiousi, are in Larissa General Hospitalwhere the dead of the Tempe tragedy are being transported after last night’s collision between the two trains.

Mrs. Leontari emphasized that: “the bodies are in a bad condition. There are 35 bodies in the morgue right now. Seven are charred. The identification process has not yet started and will take time. Some of the bodies will also need examination DNA for identification due to carbonization. Also, the transfer of bodies to the General Hospital continues.

Due to the seriousness of the situation, the coroner of the Athens service, Nikos, is also assisting in the work of the medical examiners. Karakoukis.

Speaking to onlarissa, Ms. Leontari said that the majority of the bodies belong to young people without any children being found among them.

At this time the doors were opened to gradually begin the process of identification with the relatives.