The faces they had authority to order evacuation to Mati the forensic expert named Dimitris Liotsios who is testifying for the fifth hearing in the trial for the murderous fire, which left behind one hundred dead, on July 23, 2018.

The prosecutor appointed by the Prosecutor’s Office to investigate the reasons why the fire turned into a tragedy, testified that the argument is not valid which is argued, even in the Administrative Courts, that it was not operationally appropriate to systematically remove the inhabitants of the area. At the same time, he emphasized that no instructions were given to the citizens, so that they would know what they had to do and how to move in order to save themselves.

Stating after a related question that his fee for the investigation he carried out was 150 euros, the fire chief emphasized that from very early on with the outbreak of the fire the leaders had an idea of ​​the criticality of the situation, and that they had almost an hour to evacuate, since they knew that there were no conditions to deal with the fire. “The mobilization that happened earlier in Kineta did not take place,” he said.

Answering questions from the victims’ advocates, the witness listed those of the 21 defendants who were responsible for ordering the removal of the citizens.

Lawyer: After all, is he to blame for all this?

Witness: This will be decided by the court. I have recorded all the evidence, but that is something for the court to decide.

Lawyer: Who is in charge of planning and coordinating the removal operation?

Witness: The ESKE

Lawyer: ESKE was an instrument. Who; Specifically

Witness: The (then deputy chief of the Fire Department) Sotiris Terzoudis, the (then chief) Vassilis Matthaiopoulos, the (then) commander of ESKE Ioannis Fostieris and the (then) General Secretary of Civil Protection Ioannis Kapakis.

Lawyer: At 17.00 the ESKE, who are all gathered, know all the facts. From that moment on, who and what should have been done?

Witness: From 16.45 there was all the briefing, the ground leaders were begging for aerial means.

Lawyer: Is it possible to remove?

Witness: Until 17.30. Matthaiopoulos and Christos Golfinos (then responsible for the ground forces of the PS) had been informed about the fire, there were no conditions to deal with the fire, only one helicopter was operating. A removal order had to be given.

Lawyer: So everyone who was at ESKE knew about the fire. Should the chief make a recommendation for the removal of citizens?

Witness: Yes, but I don’t know why she didn’t. Since there is a danger to settlements, he had to take into account all his data, people would be in danger.

During his examination, the witness again referred to the pressures and threats he received from the accused then deputy chief of the Fire Department V. Matthaiopoulos in order not to reveal evidence.