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According to information, the judicial officer, with the help of the experts, will be informed about the data that the investigation has so far at her disposal and they will jointly evaluate the material, in order to create the “map” of the course and the next steps.

Among the critical data that will be evaluated and possibly provide answers for what happened before the fatal collision is the recorder of the passenger train (black box), which is at the disposal of the authorities, as well as what was captured in the traffic control center.

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The data is considered important, as it is expected to contribute to the reconstruction of the causes that influenced the fatal collision.

The assistance of experts at this point is valuable as they will provide the impetus for clarifying specific, technical issues concerning the findings, explaining testimony, conversations, video material and other data, so that calls and discrepancies on the most serious issues are recorded. .

The “map” that will be formed will also be the one that will feed the next moves of the senior judicial officer who will take over the investigation after the convening of the Plenum of Appeals of Larisa which is expected to be convened immediately.