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One tragic incident took place last Saturday in Thessaloniki. Just an infant 47 days he breathed his last when he reportedly fell from his father’s arms in the house where they lived.

According to the Police, at noon on Saturday he was transferred to serious situation to an on-call hospital in the city, where the little boy ended up a little later.

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Information states that the 24-year-old father of Bulgarian origin had called EKAV saying that the child had difficulty breathing.

However, as stated in the ELAS announcement, the forensic investigation carried out subsequently revealed that the infant had brain injuries, ecchymoses and fractures.

Following this development, police officers from the Crimes Against Life Department, they interrogated the father who finally admitted that the infant fell from his arms.

It was formed at the expense of the father manslaughter case.

The announcement of the General Police Directorate of Thessaloniki states:

Police officers of the Crimes Against Life Department of the Security Directorate of Thessaloniki, in the context of investigating the circumstances of the infant’s death, filed a case for manslaughter against the 24-year-old foreign father.

In particular, at noon on 03-04-2023, a male infant was transferred in a serious condition to the emergency hospital of the city, where he died shortly after. From the medico-forensic investigation carried out afterwards it emerged that the infant had brain injuries, ecchymosis and fractures.

The file will be submitted to the competent Prosecutor.