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Relatives of the victims are asking for a new DNA test as there are doubts – due to the closed coffins they received – whether their own people are really inside, said the lawyer of the victims’ families, Andreas Theodoropoulos.

“Some of the victims have been identified, but others are waiting for the identification through an expert, for the DNA to be carried out, so that we can have a certain scientific opinion that they are indeed their children, the people who have been identified as victims,” ​​he said initially.

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“There are doubts from my principals, if and to what extent this decision of the government not to open the coffins and if the members who have been sent to the relatives, are really their children.

The lady investigator accepted the request of some relatives and the order is awaited. Because there have been no funerals to determine the DNA if these are the victims, we are awaiting the results,” he added speaking to MEGA.

At the same time, there has been confusion over the government’s order that coffins not be opened, as it is not known whether it is merely a recommendation or mandatory.

Mr. Theodoropoulos pointed out that “there is an order not to open the coffins by the relatives. We are asking for a DNA test to be done again to find out if they are their children. The information is from the parents not to open the coffins. We resorted to the investigator to be able to carry out the DNA test.

This is what my parents passed on to me. This should not be mandatory because each relative has the right to see what was found by their person. Of those I represent, certainly 5 funerals have not taken place. All have been identified, the two families are requesting a DNA test, to complete the process and proceed with the funeral.

It is expected that the investigator’s decision will be changed and that a special Appellant will be appointed who will conduct an investigation with which we, the advocates, will have more extensive information.”

“We have already filed support for the prosecution for the relatives and are awaiting the Special Appellant so we can appoint our own experts. In addition to those appointed by the state, we also have the opportunity to appoint our own”, he added.