“They told me that he is a child who has lost his little brothers and that he is a special case,” the nurse of Karamandanios Hospital in Patras, Panagiota Tsentorou, who testified at the trial of Roula Pispirigou before the MOD, said about Georgina.

The nurse testified that he was on duty on April 8, 2021, when Georgina was admitted, as well as the following day.

“On Thursday the 8th of the month, I was told that he is a child who has lost his brothers and that it is a special case. We take care of all children and we took care of this one too. We were told he was having a possible convulsive episode… During my afternoon shift the child had an elevated heart rate, but at the limit. The doctor did a cardiogram and told us to keep an eye on her.

»The next day (April 9) an encephalogram was done and it was good. The doctors said that the child had a good clinical picture and that there is no reason to stay in the hospital and that he should also be discharged as it was covid period… The mother was informed that the child is fine (and could leave). There our mother said “is this child okay? Are you giving him a discharge?”

The witness said Georgina didn’t come out and the doctor told them to keep an eye on her.

According to Ms Tsedourou, doctors had recommended the parents take Georgina to a child psychologist so she could get help dealing with the loss of her two younger siblings.

As the witness testified, the next day Roula Pispirigou informed them again that the child is not well and told them that “he cannot breathe and he is black. We went into the room and the child was pale and we were watching him.”

Chairman: You say in your statement that on the 9th of April you went and saw the child pale with a tendency to vomit.

Witness: Yes, his color came back immediately and he didn’t vomit.

Chairman: Which doctor recommended to the parents that the child see a child psychologist?

Witness: I don’t remember, it was said at the time of the visit on April 9 when the doctors would give the discharge.

Prosecutor: Did you tell us that the mother told you that the child was black? Was it black when you went?

Witness: No it was pale and after five minutes it came back.

Prosecutor: Did Georgina have a fever?

Witness: Not on my shift.

Prosecutor: Did you talk to the child? How did you know he was prone to vomiting?

Witness: He was trying to vomit but he couldn’t.

Prosecutor: How did the mother react? Was there;

Witness: I don’t remember… wait for the doctors to say.

During the examination of the witness by the defendant’s defense attorney, Mr. Kougias pointed out that the nurse, in her investigative testimony, had said that the mother “calmly notified us”, a fact that had the effect of incriminating Rula Pispirigou.

Also, Mr. Kougias asked the witness why she wrote in the hospital documents that Georgina developed “coughing and vomiting” on April 9, while today she mentioned “a little drooling”?.

Witness: He didn’t vomit. The first time the mother called us, she showed us the nephroid (container) and it had some saliva in it. I am writing what the mother informed us, that she developed a cough and vomiting…

Al. Kugias: You don’t write this, it’s like it’s yours.

Chairman: Why don’t you say it clearly in your statement? Because in the history it looks like you are saying it and not like the mother is informing you. Can you clarify that for us? Why does this variation exist?

Witness: Vomiting is both vomiting and the other…

Chairman: Why didn’t you tell this to the interrogator?

Witness: I was not asked about all these details.

The witness was asked to clarify whether she saw Georgina black as the mother said or pale as she testified.

Al. Kugias: Is it possible that it was black and the blackness changed to pallor?

Witness: I am not familiar.

Al. Kugias: How long does the blackness last?

Witness: Seconds.

Al. Kugias: So?

Witness: Seconds it lasts when we give oxygen, here no oxygen was given.

Al. Kugias: And why did you put an oximeter?

Witness: When a child gets bruised, that’s why we put the oximeter to see…

The trial was adjourned at 12:00 due to the participation of lawyers and court officials in the mobilization for Tempe and will resume on Tuesday, March 14.