Mass demonstrations with a demandto render Justice for the victims of the national tragedy of Tempe took place all over the country. Hundreds of thousands of people from Athens, Thessaloniki, Larissa, Patras and from Corfu and Ioannina to Rhodes, Mytilini and Komotini united their voices to protest what has been done and especially what has not been done for decades and resulted in the loss of 57 lives in the Tempe crash.



The protesters shared their anger and rage, but mostly they shared the grief of families and people who lost their own in a moment: Not a “bad moment”, but after a chain of mistakes, omissions, projects that were paid but were not completed and which mathematically led to the tragedy.

The mass protest – in most cities today’s demonstrations are the largest in years, if not decades – attempted to be tarnished by hooded groups in Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras, where incidents took place.


Athens - episodes

Molotov- Constitution

Hoodlums in Athens began throwing Molotov cocktails and throwing rocks at police shortly before the end of the large rally and march, which was estimated to have drawn more than 60,000 people. Both in Athens and in the other cities, the participation of young people – pupils and students – was impressive. The hooded men, going up to the Stadium, vandalized the monument to the victims of Marfin, while a little later they set fire to a van. The incidents broke out in two places, almost simultaneously: On the lower side of Syntagma square towards Ermou and Mitropoleos streets and in front of the Unknown Soldier.

Marfin- monument

Fire in the Stadium

The police forces responded with chemicals and stun grenades, and later pushed the hooded men towards the University. In the Propylaea, a new field of confrontation was created, as the Rectorate of the University of Athens had been occupied since earlier today and hooded men tried to enter and were pushed back by the police. The situation in Athens calmed down shortly before 5 pm, while a new appointment was immediately given for a gathering in the Propylaia, at 6 pm. Prior to the march, 28 arrests had been made in preventive checks, while it was later announced that seven arrests had been made during the incidents.

A little earlier, incidents had broken out in Thessaloniki, near the OSE where the march of more than 15,000 demonstrators passed, but also near the Ministry of Macedonia-Thrace. However, incidents also took place in Patras, where one of the largest gatherings of recent years took place in the Achaean capital.