Son of a priest who ended up with a coronavirus in SKAI: He was not a negator- He paid her because the others did not pay attention


Mourning is heavy in Kalamaki, Loutraki, as a 49-year-old priest, father of three children, lost the battle with the coronavirus on New Year’s Eve.

The priest’s son, who was unvaccinated, spoke exclusively to SKAI noting that his father was not against the vaccine, he just wanted to be sure of the safety of the vaccine.

“It simply came to our notice then. This man was just looking, he wanted to look at every scenario and whenever he was completely sure he would do it then. But that does not mean he was negative, by no means. I tell you I lived it every day. He was with me. He observed the measures in the church normally, he made many observations to the people and he paid for it himself, because some others did not pay attention “, said Rafael Mitrogiannis.

He added that none of the family had been vaccinated, because they wanted to “make sure”.

“It simply came to our notice then. My mother and my sisters and I were sick too. “He just did not make it,” said his son.

The unfortunate priest initially had mild symptoms, but the development was not what was expected of him. His health condition deteriorated and therefore it was deemed necessary to enter the hospital.

A resident of the village told SKAI that he had never heard the priest preach about the vaccine, neither for nor for. “His attitude was just personal and we knew it personally, that’s why we knew he was negative, it was not that he was coming out and preaching not to get vaccinated or get vaccinated,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Metropolitan of Nafpaktos, Hierotheos, appeared caustic in his sermon for the deniers.

“The coroner also highlighted paranoia, paranoia, pathogenesis, psychopathy and the problems that exist in society and highlighted the lack of composure, the lack of sobriety, and in general the lack of education in general and ecclesiastical education in particular,” he said. .

It is noted that the strict sanctification of the waters will be celebrated on January 6 with strict sanitary protocols.

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