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In prison for 12 months with a suspended sentence a 44-year-old Roma who was arrested on Tuesday afternoon in Volos on the charge of theft with her unknown female accomplice.

Despite the defense attorney’s attempt to argue that the woman is engaged in olive cultivation, had an income, is not unemployed and is not the woman who committed the theft, the victims recognized her and she was not spared the conviction.

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The 44-year-old was taken to Self-standing Single-Member Misdemeanor Court of Voloswhere the 84-year-old sister of the 77-year-old owner of the house they live in testified, she said that she opened the door and the accused entered the house with an unknown woman, who tried to sell her socks, underwear and t-shirts and while one of them was busy, the other entered the bedroom and stole €10,000 from the bedside table drawer and a lot of gold she had, because in the past she owned a jewelry store in Kozani.

The sister of the sufferer, who was outside Volos and entered the house facing the two gypsy women, she said she was tired and was at the back of the house, they called her to the living room and there she recognized the accused who was wearing a mask but took it off and while the other perpetrator was showing a sheet to her sister went into the bedroom and then they found that a purse with money, a bank book and jewelry had “feathered”.
The two sisters said they had that much money at home from savings, in order to make an inheritance acceptance. They also said that they were led to the identity of the 44-year-old the next day with the help of a pharmacy employee, where the accused went to sell socks and remembered her features, as a result of which the Police were notified and she was arrested.

A neighbor of the accused, her mother-in-law, her son and the wife of her husband’s brother testified as defense witnesses, who testified that the woman at noon on Monday, when the theft took place at the old women’s home, was at home and baking fish, because at 2.30 p.m. her son goes to work and keeps his children.

The accused denied that she is the perpetrator of the theft, she said that she has never stolen a thread in her life and the old women are wrong. As she said on Monday she was at home all day and on Tuesday morning she went to the local market and bought socks to sell to people who wanted them and at some point she was arrested by the Police. She said she sells socks occasionally to make ends meet, however a red bag was found in her possession which was identified by the victim as being with her when she went home.

The prosecutor’s officeShe pleaded guilty to the indictment and was ultimately sentenced to 12 months imprisonment suspended.
According to the Police, at noon on Monday, March 6, the perpetrator together with her accomplice went to a house in the city where a 77-year-old woman lives and, under the pretext of selling items (socks), entered her house.
Afterwards, one of the two, while the other was occupying the elderly woman, removed the sum of €10,000 from the bedroom area, as well as various jewelry (gold crosses, gold rings, etc.).