The Kropia Security Department dismantled a spiral that systematically committed burglaries-thefts in houses in Koropi.

In particular, four people, aged 22, 24, 27 and 50 years old, were arrested by the Immediate Action police officers, while a case file was filed against them, as the case may be, for the formation of a gang, distinguished cases of theft by complicity and by continuation, recklessness, dangerous driving for violation of the legislation on the Code of Criminal Procedure, violence against officials and judicial persons and on the evidentiary value of police identification cards.

According to ELAS, the defendants, shortly before their arrest, had broken into a single-family house in the area of ​​Agia Marina Koropi, from where they removed electronic devices. During their escape, they were spotted in their car, on Attiki Odos.

Once they realized they were being followed by an Immediate Action patrol car, the driver of the vehicle sped off, making dangerous maneuvers until it crashed into a wall and came to rest. The officers caught the occupants, while one of them allegedly resisted and attacked them.

In a check carried out on the car in question, all the items removed from the single-family house, as well as burglary tools, were found and confiscated.

As emerged from the police investigation, since December 2022, the defendants had set up a gang with continuous activity in thefts from single-family houses in the Koropi area. With the use of burglary tools they broke either doors or windows, and took mainly electronic devices, jewelry and sums of money.

An additional six cases of theft were discovered from the preliminary investigation.

It is noted that the members of the gang have been repeatedly arrested for similar crimes.

The arrested were taken to the Athens Criminal Prosecutor, while the police investigation continues.