The rescuers of the 2nd EMAK and the EKAV branch of Thessaloniki who were on the front line of operations in the tragedy of Tempe and the deadly earthquakes in Turkey were awarded by the Municipality of Thessaloniki, before the start of today’s municipal council meeting.

These are 15 members of the 2nd EMAK Thessaloniki and 4 members of the EKAB.

In his statements to journalists, the commander of the 2nd EMAK, Archipyrarchos, Aristidis Katirtzidis, emphasized that “tragedies are unfortunately part of our work”. Regarding today’s award, he said that “it is a recognition for our efforts”.

“We should think about what we should do in order not to experience a similar tragedy to that of Tempe. We will still have to see how we will reduce the vulnerability of our city, especially if we think about the magnitude of the destruction we faced in Antioch”, pointed out Vice Pyrarch Miltiadis Karageorgiadis, who together with the commander of the 2nd EMAK received an honorary plaque from the mayor of Thessaloniki, Konstantinos Zerva. The EKAV doctor, Christina Karabelidou, also received an honorary plaque.

Yiannis Dalakakis, anesthesiologist at EKAB Thessaloniki, was in the coordination center of EKAB on the day of the tragic accident. “EKAB met with 14 ambulances from Thessaloniki and Katerini with a total of 25 rescuers and three doctors”, he stressed, adding that the images were very difficult for everyone.

“On one of the black pages of history, Greece finds the courage to stand up and set an example”, said the mayor of Thessaloniki, Konstantinos Zervas, in his speech.


“In their faces we see bright Greece. We honor them as a small sign of our unlimited respect”, noted Mr. Zervas, saying a “thank you” to the rescuers of EMAK and EKAB.

“You are our support. You set the example of a Greece that can, of a Greece that wants to overcome pathogens. We Greeks do not take into account borders, nor other expediencies”, he added.

Before the start of the meeting, a minute’s silence was observed for the victims of the deadly train accident in Tempe.