OLME and IOE are participating in the strike mobilization of Thursday, March 16, announced by ADEDY.

In a statement issued by OLME, it states: “We are participating en masse in the 24-hour All-Work Strike on Thursday 16/3” and invites teachers to participate in the gathering in Klathmonos Square at 11.00 and in all strike gatherings across the country.

The OLME announcement

“The OLME Board of Directors calls for mass participation in the 24-hour All-Work STRIKE on Thursday, March 16, 2023 to demand together with all the workers and the people that the privatization policy be put to an end and that the real responsibilities for the Tempe disaster.

We salute our workers, students and the student movement who participated in the mobilizations so far and call for intensity and continuation of the struggle. The accident in Tempi will not be forgotten! We demand and struggle to reveal the real causes of the tragedy our people are living through, to reveal and punish all the guilty and not to hide behind “human” mistakes.

We have no right to remain silent and of course we don’t, on the contrary from the first moment we took to the streets and fight to make the guilty pay in principle and to prevent another such tragedy. All and all in the fight”, says OLME in its announcement about the strike on Thursday, March 16.

The IOE will therefore follow the same path, and professors and teachers will take part in the strike that ADEDY has announced for the day after tomorrow, Thursday, March 16″.