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Ongoing is in Patras at the moment the new big rally for the tragedy at Tempe.

The municipal authority of Patras, led by the mayor, Kostas Peletidis, also takes part in the rally. “It is not the time of silence, it is the time of voice and assertion. The municipal authority, the entire city, continue to join their voice with the thousands of people who, since February 28, have been shouting the slogan: “This crime will not be covered up, we will be the voice of all the dead. Everything that happened in Tempe is the result of criminal policies that treat security and human life as a cost,” it is noted in a related announcement.

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The following organizations have declared their presence at the rally:

– The Union of Workers at the Private Law Health Institutions and NPID of Achaia is on strike for all those who lost their lives unjustly, so that the crime of Tempi will not be covered up.

– The Workers’ Union of the Patras Hospital “Agios Andreas”, asking that the “crime” not be forgotten.

– The Association of Teachers and Kindergarten Teachers of Patras is on strike and calls on its members to participate. Thus, many schools will remain closed.

– The Federation of Professional Craft Trade Unions of Achaia invites all its member unions to be present.

– The Bar Association of Patras decided to abstain its members from exercising their duties.

– The Association of Hospital Doctors of Achaia calls its members to participate in tomorrow’s general strike.

– The Bakers Guild of Patras will participate in the mobilization and invites its members en masse to it.

– The Achaia Restaurant and Entertainment Store Managers Association participates and invites its members to attend vigorously.

– The Federation of Commerce and Entrepreneurship of Peloponnese, Southwest Greece, Zakynthos, Kefalonia – Ithaca, urges all its member unions to a 2-hour work stoppage.

– The Democratic University Movement of Doctors of Patras calls on all doctors to take part in the strike.

– The Collaborating Organizations of Patras Pensioners IKA, OAEE, NAT, TSA, Dimosio, TAE, PASAS PPC, OSE, DEKO Banks, invite the pensioners to the EKP gathering at 10:30 am. in Georgiou Square.

– The Aegian Labor Center is organizing a rally, in Triangle Square, at 11am. “The tragic accident in Tempi, at least 57 dead and the injured who are fighting to stay alive, does not let the anger stop. The society, the workers, the students and the students of the whole country, we mourn and demand accountability and transparency, so that everything that the Governments were hiding can now come to light” he says in his call.