The joint decision of the Deputy Minister of National Defense and the head of the general directorate of health services of the Ministry of Health for the placement of four full-time medical graduates in the versatile regional clinics (PPI) of Agathonisi, Thymaina, Halki and Leipso was posted today in Diaugeia.


a. In P.P.I. Agathonisiou of the 2nd health district is appointed a tenured soldier, specialty of Physician ‘Without Specialty’,

b. In P.P.I. In Thymainas (of the Fourna complex) of the 2nd health district, a full-time military officer is placed, specialty Physician ‘Without Specialty’,

c. In P.P.I. Halkis of the 2nd health district is appointed a full-time soldier, specialty Physician ‘Without Specialty’ and

d. In P.P.I. In Lipsi of the 2nd health district, a full-time soldier is placed, specializing in Physician ‘Without Specialty’.

The period of time of the fulfillment of conscript military obligation of the above-mentioned conscripts in the aforementioned positions, is recognized as the time of fulfillment of the obligation of field service.

The specific conscripts are entitled, from the date of taking up duties in said positions, in addition to the remuneration provided by the Ministry of National Defence, the monthly salaries of field service doctors determined by the Ministry of Health and the compensation for the on-call hours performed, which also pays from the appropriations registered in its budget.