A 48-year-old man of Albanian origin escaped yesterday afternoon from the custody of the Magnesia Police Department.

As soon as his escape was noticed, sounded the alarm to locate him, as a result of which he was found approximately 4 hours later on 2nd November Street.

The 48-year-old has been convicted of domestic violence and has open accounts with Justice. He was in detention because he is being tried in the Three-member Criminal Court for various cases, although he is serving a prison sentence in the prisons of Larissa.

Just last Friday, it had been imposed on him new sentence of 18 months suspended, as the Three-member Criminal Court of Volos found him guilty once again of domestic bodily harm, domestic threat, illegal carrying of weapons and use of weapons.

The accused is remanded in prison in Larissa for domestic violence, at the expense of his estranged wife and his in-laws, and has often concerned local social opinion.

It is the same face that while standing in the corridor of the court after a guilty verdict, he had threaten the prosecutor, telling her: “I’m going to screw you and send you to jail.”