The Minister of Environment and Energy called the information about the “privatization” of water “baseless”, Kostas Skrekas, during the meeting he had with the Board of Directors of the Panhellenic Federation of Employees of Municipal Water Supply and Sewerage Enterprises (DEYA), in which the President of the Federation of Employees of DEYA, Pavlos Dragolas, also participated.

In particular, Mr. Skrekas emphasized that the goal of the legislative initiative, “is to achieve the strengthening and upgrading of the role of DEYA and of course to ensure the adequate provision of water services to all citizens, safely and at affordable prices”.

The Minister of Environment and Energy he categorically reiterated, once again, that the water was and remains under public control: “We are transferring responsibilities, supervision and control”, added Mr. Skrekas, “in order to proceed with strengthening and upgrading the role of the Municipal Water Supply and Sewerage Companies” .

Finally, the Minister of Environment and Energy analyzed the importance of the bill, which is being discussed in the Parliament, for the public supervision and control over water management and stressed that the State retains all the regulatory-normative responsibilities for the exercise of water policy, including the policy of costing and invoicing water supply and sewerage.