1821: The Petmesians attack the men of the Turkish Commander of the Kalavryta Arnautoglu in the area of ​​Palaiopyrgos and block them in the three fortified towers of the city.

1900: The Ajax football team is founded in Amsterdam.

1921: Troops led by Trotsky suppress the revolt of the Crostan sailors.

1926: The Academy of Athens is founded, on the initiative of astronomy professor Dimitrios Aeginitis.

1962: France and Algeria agree to end hostilities between them. The signing of the Treaty of Evian ends the Algerian War of Independence, which lasted seven years and cost the lives of 350,000 people.

2010: The Prime Minister, George Papandreou, warns that Greece may not achieve its goals, with possible recourse to the International Monetary Fund, insisting, however, on a European solution.


1690: Christian Goldbach, Prussian mathematician, known for “Goldbach’s Conjecture”, one of the oldest unsolved problems of number theory and mathematics in general. (D. 20/11/1764)

1858: Rudolf Diesel, German engineer, inventor of the internal combustion engine that bears his name. (D. 29/9/1913)

1939: Yannis Markopoulos, Greek composer.


1936: Eleftherios Venizelos, leading modern Greek politician, who served as prime minister from 1910 to 1915 and from 1928 to 1932. (Born 8/23/1864)

1964: Norbert Wiener, American mathematician. He founded Cybernetics, the science that studies the communication and control mechanisms of machines and living things, which is the basis for the development of artificial intelligence. (Born 26/11/1894)

1996: Odysseus Elytis, Greek poet. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1979. (Born 2/11/1911) Odysseus Alepoudeles, as was his real name, used the pseudonym Elytis for his literary work, because he wanted to distance himself from his family surname, which was “intertwined with what I hate in life, that is, the practical spirit, commercial faith, unbridled utilitarianism.”

The literary pseudonym Elytis may come from the combination of the syllable “el”, initial in names with signs, such as Greece, Elpida, Eleftheria, Eleni, with the general toponymic ending of Greek names similar to “Politis”, as suggested by the Hellenist Kimon Fryer. Previously, friends supported three versions of the nickname Elytis: the name Eluard and the words elite and tramp.