On the pretext that his clothes were falling from his balcony onto theirs, one 19 years old he found an excuse to enter houses and steals everything he found in front of him, from money, jewelry to personal belongings, with his booty exceeding 32,000 euros.

His action was stopped yesterday when he was arrested as part of it spontaneous processwhile a relevant case file was filed against him.

Its action is located in its areas Neapolis and Sykes, during the period 12/02/2022 – 18/03/2023 and concerns the commission of fifteen (15) thefts and one robbery, at the expense of unsuspecting citizens.

Specifically, the young man, with clothing fall pretext on the balconies of his prospective victims, he entered the apartments, from where he removed sums of money, jewelry, bank cards, personal items and belongings of the victims. In fact, using the aforementioned cards, he proceeded to withdraw cash, as well as contactless transactions.

In search of his house part of the stolen goods was foundwhich were attributed to their rightful owners.

The case file which was formed by police officers of the Neapolis – Sykeon Security Department, will be submitted to the competent Prosecutor.