New information is coming to light about the romantic dates an 84-year-old man made with an underage girl in Trikala.

The case began to unfold on Saturday, when the Trikala Police received information that an elderly man was molesting a minor in an old department store on E.o. Trikala Ioannina. Security men arrived at the scene and found the 84-year-old man with the girl, at which point they arrested him.

According to information from, in his initial statement yesterday Sunday to the Prosecutor, the 84-year-old allegedly denies that there was a completed act, while the amount he allegedly gave the 17-year-old was €20.

However, according to newer information, it appears that a third person was involved who booked the little girl’s appointments.

The Police Authorities are looking for the mother of the 17-year-old girl who is accused of neglecting a minor, while her possible involvement in the case is being investigated.

A family friend of the child is also being sought.

The elderly man is expected to be taken to Anakritria on Tuesday or Wednesday and, accordingly, it will be decided whether or not he will be remanded in custody.