Shocking are the details given in her testimony before the Mixed Jury Court, regarding the murder of Alkis Kampanos in Thessaloniki, by the forensic director of the Laboratory of Forensics and Toxicology of the AUTH, Leda-Kalliopi Kovatsis.

She described in detail the injuries caused byi two friends of the unfortunate Alkis who were injured in the murderous attack they received on the night of February 1, 2022, in the area of ​​Harilaou, but also the situation they were in a few 24 hours after the horrible event.

“When I visited the two injured in the hospital, they were in psychological shock. I was talking to them and they were looking at the ceiling. It took a lot of effort to get in touch with them and tell me exactly what happened. It made a big impression on me”, said Mrs. Kovatsis during her testimony.

In fact, for one friend of Alkis, he stated thathe had a deep wound 9 cm long. which was “pre-stitched”. For the other friend, he emphasized, among other things, that he had multiple injuries on his head, while he also had a deep bruise on his scalp.

Alki’s injuries from the murderous attack

Ms. Kovatsis’ descriptions were chilling when she referred to the fatal injuries caused by PAOK fans in Alki.

According to what he testified, the unfortunate 19-year-old suffered multiple injuries from three piercing and cutting organs and at least two blunt organs.

The experienced coroner he described the injuries in detail which Alkis carried on his head.

“The external image does not match the internal image. If Moose and his friend went to the hospital, the doctors would descend on his friend’s head and Moose’s thigh. From the blows, the brain had swelled and did not fit in the skull.”

Regarding the wound on his right thigh, according to the medical examiner, the maximum diameter is 1 centimeter and the depth is 9 centimeters. “It has eaten away at the fatal artery and caused bleeding. Caused by nysson and cutting instrument. This specific wound is inconsistent with a sickle or a karabid,” he stressed.

Subsequently gave details of Alki’s two wounds to the left thigh.

As Ms. Kovatsis said, they were caused by a different body. “In this young man, these injuries alone, under normal circumstances, would not have caused the death of Moose.”

One wound is compatible with the karabit knife, while the other wound is not incompatible with a full sickle wound. “Only if the llama entered for a while could it be compatible,” said the medical examiner.

The president of the seat, asked a direct question to Mrs. Kovatsis about whether there was a possibility that Alkis would be alive, in the event that he was transferred within a few minutes to the hospital. The medical examiner shook her head negatively and said: “Even if the incident happened at the outer gate of a large hospital, Alkis would not have lived. Everyone would fall on the thigh wound. Alki’s head was screaming from the inside and not from the outside.”

The trial continues with the testimony of the medical examiner, as at the request of the prosecutor, an order was given to bring the clothes of the unfortunate 19-year-old into the room, in order to proceed with the examination of the witness.