Reporting: Makis Synodinos

Rally against the further bill commercialization and privatization of water organize labor unions and collectives at this time in Constitution.

In their statement they note:

“The bill expands the powers of the RAE (Regulatory Authority for Energy) which, being renamed the Regulatory Authority for Waste, Energy and Water, also undertakes the “regulation” of water supply, sewerage and municipal waste management services. This means that the ground is legally laid for market development in these sectors to the standards of the energy market, the consequences of which we see every month in exorbitant electricity and gas bills.

The multi-law bill constitutes a flagrant anti-democratic deviation because it violates decisions 1906/2014, 190 & 191/2022 of the Plenary and 1886/2022 of the 4th section of the Council of Ministers, according to which the Constitution does not allow the privatization of water supply and sewage services, the private A super fund cannot manage such services, the cycle of water supply-sewerage services is one – unbroken, subject to public control and water cannot be treated as a commercial product”.


With a motto “Withdraw the bill for the privatization of water! Water a social good, not a commodity” will hold a rally outside the Parliament and PAME today at 19:00