Invitation in Greek investors to invest in Albania addressed the Prime Minister of Albania Eddie Rama at the Greek-Albanian Forum during a discussion with members of the Greek government and Greek businesses, while he mentioned the planning of an initiative for special treatment and investment privileges for Greek businesses that want to invest in Albania.

“We want to start a special initiative for Greek businesses,” said Mr. Rama. “We’re thinking of doing something very radical and inviting your companies to come and have a very special treatment there for a number of years – in areas where we have a problem because people are leaving, but where there’s still a lot of potential.”

The debate, organized by the Delphi Economic Forum, was attended on the Greek side by the Vice-President of the Greek Government, Panagiotis Pikrammenos, the Minister of Development and Investments, Adonis Georgiadis, and on the Albanian side, among others, the Minister of Finance, Delina Ibrahimaj, and the Deputy Minister of Europe and Foreign Besart Kadia, the president of the Delphi Economic Forum Symeon Tsomokos and Greek companies and institutions with activity in Albania.

Mr. Rama pointed out that the investments are no longer only about Albania, North Macedonia or so on in the neighborhood, but that it is a wider market that is being formed through the cooperation of Serbia, North Macedonia and the other countries participating in the Process of Berlin and sign agreements to open the market.

“We are moving towards a single market in the region. And it’s a serious market. Otherwise, individually, we are small markets,” he said.

“Politically we are at a very good level, our issues between us are dealt with with commitment from both sides, with a common understanding that we have to solve our differences and that no one else will do it for us”, he noted and emphasized that it is it is necessary to take other steps for the economic relations of the two countries, as the volume of investments has decreased significantly.

“Greece, in many ways, has returned,” he noted. “The economic crisis and all its traumatic consequences have been overcome. A new era has come for Greek social and economic life. Economically, Greece today is healthy. So it is time to focus more on the region and do more for the region. And I think that Greek companies today have the ability to do it.”

–The Western Balkans are an important political part of the European vision

The Albanian Prime Minister, discussing with the president of the Delphi Economic Forum Simeon Tsomokos about Albania’s integration into the European family, underlined that the climate has changed positively in Europe, especially under the pressure of Russian aggression.

“We needed a war not only to say, but also to deeply understand that the Western Balkans are very important for the political part of the European vision and strategy”, he said while adding that the other side of the coin concerns the states that want to join to do the necessary processes.

He said the gap between EU member states and non-member states was widening rather than narrowing as EU members during crises had many more tools at their disposal to deal with them, such as the Resilience Fund, which supported citizens and governments.

“Europe must do more. We are now trying to open a debate on something new in terms of economic relations between the Balkans and Europe. A kind of pre-structured financing combined with contributions for our countries without waiting for them to become members. Because I fear it may be too late. But compared to when we had our first meeting on the Western Balkans, it’s a completely different spirit.”

The Minister of Development Adonis Georgiadis underlined that Greece and Albania have a shared glorious history but also a brighter shared future and that under the leadership of Edi Rama the Albanian economy has shown great potential and great progress.

“Albania’s path to the European Union passes through Greece,” he said and noted that Greece supports its accession.

“The Delphi Economic Forum has cultivated strong ties with Albania for this noble task of further developing our relations with the Tirana Economic Forum having become one of the most influential meetings between political, business and intellectual leaders since Albania and Europe”, said Mr. Tsomokos for his part.

Mr. Rama mentioned that the Greek Prime Minister invited him to participate in the Delphi Economic Forum, which will be held April 26-29 in Delphi, while he expressed interest in the further development of the Tirana Economic Forum, which will be held in Tirana in June.