His Beatitude Archbishop Hieronymos of Athens and All Greece is making a synodical visit to Lebanon and Syria, starting yesterday March 21, in order to deliver, the first from Greece, humanitarian aid to the earthquake victims of Syria and Turkey, proving once again the strong ties of the Church of Greece and the Greek people with the Church of Antioch.

His Beatitude, accompanied by His Eminence Metropolitan Fthiotidos Mr. Simeon, Press Representative of the Permanent Holy Synod, Archdeacon Fr. Beirut, where he was received by the Patriarch of Antioch, Mr. John and together they went to Damascus for the Great Supper which was celebrated in the Holy Church of the Holy Cross.

“APOSTOLI” collected humanitarian aid from all the Metropolises and parishes of Greece for our fellow human beings who were affected by the deadly earthquake of February 6, 2023 in Syria and Turkey. The response to the call addressed by the Holy Synod was moving. In total, the people of “APOSTOLIS” collected, packed and loaded 65 tons of food, clothing, basic necessities and personal hygiene.

Archbishop Hieronymos conveyed the support of the Greek people and stated that the government, families and all Greeks contributed to gather this aid to the people of Syria. “I would like to express the pain and the participation of the Church of Greece in the sad events and wish all of you health, strength, progress in your work, progress in every family and above all peace between our relations and the relations of the world wherever he is”, said His Beatitude.

In his address to the Archbishop, the Patriarch of Antioch thanked him for his presence there as well as for the efforts to reach and distribute aid to the families affected by the earthquake, while he referred to the Greek people with love and respect.

“We are only doing our duty. Of course, the great ordeal of the earthquakes moved many people in the world, but the Greek people were especially moved by this emotion, the Church of Greece wanted to make it an act of love”. The High Priests of the Church of Greece, the priests of the parishes, our faithful Christians, as well as the support of the state in this saw, in the fact that we are brothers at this moment, partners in the relief of pain”, added the Blessed Archbishop of Athens and all Greece .

The official visit will end on Thursday, March 23.