The Panhellenic Taekwondo Coaches Association (PEPTA) expresses their anger and indignation over the case of the 44-year-old from Ilioupoli, who is accused of sexually abusing minor athletes.

In more detail it states:

“Resentment and anger. These were our first feelings, as the Panhellenic Association of Taekwondo Coaches, upon hearing the news that a coach had sexually abused underage female athletes of his association. And this particular person may never have been a member of our Union, however the “coach” terminology used by the channels to highlight such an important issue is what hurts us and makes us want to take a stand on this major issue. .

Child neglect is one of the most heinous crimes. It is a crime against a defenseless creature. A crime that shatters the child’s psychology forever. Children who feel shame and guilt inside for years, without revealing it.

We, as the Panhellenic Association of Taekwondo Coaches, invite these children to speak. Don’t be afraid. Because only these can expose unethical behavior of some criminal elements that exist in our society as a whole and not only in sports.
As we also call on parents to be constantly alert. To contact the competent authorities as soon as they notice the slightest thing. To learn the profile of the coach-teacher that their children trust. The profile of the club. Elements important for the development of a special relationship and trust between athletes-parents-coaches.

The coach-teacher relationship with the student is unique. As well as the bond that is created in the cooperation between them. And that should not change. Just as there should be no issue in parent-teacher cooperation. We are here for you to trust us with your children. We operate with the best interests of your children in mind. And we have earned this with years of work. And we want the relationship between us to remain alive.

We are in complete agreement with the action of the Hellenic Taekwondo Federation to ask the Deputy Minister of Sports to withdraw the professional license from the specific coach. He did the obvious. As self-evident, the conviction of this person would be the same, as long as it is proven that he had the criminal behavior for which he is accused. No tolerance, by any body, for the protagonists of such unethical acts.