H General Secretariat of Public Administration Information Systems (GIPSDD) of the Ministry of Digital Governance, proceeds to upgrade of network security infrastructures in the direction of continuous improvement and upgrading of its infrastructures and the quality of the services provided services to the citizens.

The upgrade will take place on Thursday, March 30, 2023, between 18:00 and 23:00. During the mentioned time period, all gov.gr services related to:

* User authentication services through TAXISnet codes (such as IDIKA, e-EFKA etc.),

* Services such as Pothen Esches, Single Payment Authority, e-Receipt, and web services from the Interoperability Center of the General Directorate of Public Administration to Public Administration bodies,

* Tax administration services of AADE and Min. Finance, such as TAXISnet, ICISnet, TAXIS, Elenxis, MIS, PSYDIPEEK etc..

* Services related to COVID-19.

As in previous infrastructure upgrade works, every possible effort will be made so that said works are completed earlier than the scheduled time, in order to minimize the impact of the unavailability of the above services.