“Two hundred and two (202) years ago today, the establishment of the statehood of our Greece was marked. With the Revolution of 1821, the demand for Freedom after 400 years of slavery, now seemed feasible. March 25, 1821 is the date on which the writing of our modern history actually began,” said the Chief of the Greek Police Lt. Gen. Lazaros Mavropoulosin his agenda, on the occasion of the anniversary of the national rebirth of March 25, 1821 and the celebration of the Annunciation of the Virgin.

“On this day, in addition to the National Rebirth, the Annunciation of the Virgin is celebrated. One of the Mother of God feasts of Christianity, commemorating the joyous announcement by the Archangel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary that she is about to give birth to the Son of God. A double celebration, during which the rebellious Greeks, with determination and courage, definitively pushed back the conquerors, laying the foundations for the creation of the modern Greek State”, pointed out the Leader of the Hellenic Armed Forces.

At the same time, Mr. Mavropoulos underlined that “for four centuries we endured the oppression of the Ottomans. Four centuries during which the adherence of the Greeks to their ethnological legacy never wavered. This age-old destiny of our people was commented on at the time, but it is still favorably commented on even today by foreign states, such as that of France. In particular, a French newspaper on June 4, 1821 refers to the Greek nation as follows: “Truly, what other people could keep its national ideals indestructible through such and such exterminating policies that aimed at its annihilation?”. Undoubtedly, therefore, the struggle of the Greeks against the Ottoman Empire shocked all humanity and became an eternal symbol of all oppressed peoples against tyranny.”

“As Greeks, we must never forget that some people two centuries ago self-sacrificingly chose the good of freedom, so that we can enjoy it today. We must hold up the ideals of humanity, solidarity and equality of people. It must always be in our minds that our National Anthem is dedicated to Freedom. Even those who do not believe in the good of Freedom, just by listening to our National Anthem can be convinced that our country is identified with Freedom, which is taken from the bones of the Greeks, the Holy”, he added.

Mr. Mavropoulos also emphasized that “as police officers, I remind you how lucky you are to have in your quiver an indisputably prestigious sacred ancestral heritage, from which I invite you to adopt fearless personality and behavioral characteristics, such as bravery, determination and the wisdom of our ancestors in carrying out your national and social work. Never stop being inspired by their example when managing situations you are called to face, with the ultimate goal of safeguarding the state and the lives of citizens.”

“You are undoubtedly the modern everyday heroes, who fight your own fight against crime and lawlessness, maintaining order and public peace in the Greek territory. I am sincerely grateful to you for this contribution to society and the state. Happy birthday to all of you and your families! Long live the Nation!”, concluded the Leader of EL.AS.