A memorial service for the victims of Tempe was held today at the new railway station of Thessaloniki.

The memorial service was held in the chapel of Agios Filippos the Deacon inside the Railway Station by the Metropolitan of Neapolis and Stavroupolis Mr. Varnavas.

In an emotional atmosphere, many people rushed to the chapel holding a flower. They lit a candle in memory of the 57 people who perished in the fatal train crash.

In the meantime, judicial interest is focused on tomorrow, as he will be pardoned contracted station masterwho will go through the door of the special appellant-investigator in order to apologize.

According to what has become known, he will claim that his shift ended at 10pm and he himself left at 10:15.

Her Tuesday the special appellant-investigator will pass through the door former station master, the one whose shift ended at 11pm but allegedly left earlier.

He seems to claim that his shift ended at 11pm, but even if he had been there until 11, he could not have done anything to prevent the tragedy, as train 62 arrived at Larissa station at 11.02 in the evening.

Meanwhile, next Thursday, March 30, he is also going to pass the door of the investigator to apologize to the inspector. He will claim that he had requested that there be two people on the shift until 11. The inspector’s apology will be made in a memorandum.