The local community of Archana has been plunged into mourning because of him death of the 22-year-old champion of synchronized swimming that “went out” after a car accident.

Her friends, colleagues, relatives and many people are expected to be at the New Cemetery of Heraklion today to say goodbye to 22-year-old Penny.

The funeral service will be sung at the Holy Church of the Resurrection of the Lord at 3 pm.

“She shouldn’t have left” – Her mother is heartbroken

The mother of the 22-year-old champion, who a few hours before getting engaged to her lover, was killed in a traffic accident, is breaking hearts.

“My child was laughing all the time, he was in the middle of life and he ‘left’ unfairly. He shouldn’t have left… this was not the time for someone to leave,” he said speaking to megatv.

“An angel has left”

Beautiful, smiling, with a passion for swimming. The 22-year-old girl saw her dreams come true. She was planning her life with her partner.

Unfortunately, everything suddenly went out on the asphalt.

“I lost my child unfairly. I will take the bride to church tomorrow. I want those who know my child to remember him, nothing else. I was told that an angel had left. That’s what they told me at the hospital.”

The Traffic Police is trying to identify the causes of the accident. However, the fact that Penny, according to information, was not wearing a seat belt was fatal.

The unfortunate Penny, who lived in Upper Archanes, had gone to visit her partner’s father who had recently lost his mother.

How did the accident happen?

According to information from cretapost, everything happened at midnight when the car driven by a 22-year-old woman at the 13th km of Heraklion-Archanos, left its course, under unspecified circumstances so far, and crashed into a tree.

As a result of the collision, the 22-year-old passenger was seriously injured, who was transported by EKAB ambulance to Venizelio.

Unfortunately, the unfortunate girl, a little while later, did not manage to keep herself alive and despite all the efforts of the doctors, she finally lost her battle with life in the hospital.