Reporting: Makis Synodinos

They planned to put Greece back on the map of terrorism Pakistani terrorists who were about to attack a Jewish restaurant and synagogue operating in the Psirri area, in the center of Athens. The two men, aged 27 and 29, who were arrested, received orders from their compatriot, who is reportedly in Iran and is wanted for murder, in order to recruit others and carry out a series of terrorist attacks: In addition to the attack on restaurant that would be gassed and exploded and continued with an armed attack with the aim of having as many victims as possible, the network dismantled by the EYP and Anti-Terrorism, planned attacks and murders in public places.

According to the information so far, the two men who were taken to the public prosecutor this morning and criminal charges were brought against him, had attempted to recruit at least fifteen of their compatriots, but to no avail. These individuals have been examined as witnesses by the authorities and their mobile phones are being checked.

The initial information reportedly reached EYP from a foreign agency, in the context of international cooperation. When the evidence gathered showed the validity of the information, and even more so when it appeared that they were very close to carrying out their plans by attacking the Jewish restaurant of Psirri at short notice, they hastened their arrest: in Zakynthos and the second in Sparta and were arrested in Athens where they were renting a room in a hotel in Omonia. They remained detained under the pretense that they were in Greece illegally, while the control of their mobile phones began, with the evidence recovered confirming the information about their planned action.

In fact, according to secure information, videos of the surveillance in the restaurant that had been targeted were also found on their mobile phones. The investigation, according to what has become known so far, continues as the Forensic Laboratories of EL.AS. phones, usb and other controlled items have been transferred.

According to police sources, the two terrorists who had targeted a Jewish synagogue in Psirri wanted as many victims as possible and this because their payment would be made… with the head. That is, with every dead person from the terrorist attack they would carry out.
In fact, it seems that they had booked a tariff with the “guide”, raising the price for each dead from 10,000 -15000.
This explains why in the terrorist strike they planned they would first attack with gas or explosives so that there would be many dead and then they would enter with weapons.

Apologies on Friday

On Friday, those arrested as members of a terrorist organization planning targeted attacks in the country will be brought to the investigator for their apologies.

The public prosecutor has brought criminal charges against the two arrested for forming and joining a terrorist organization (felony).

At the same time, criminal prosecution was also brought against an unknown person, for directing a terrorist organization (felony) and inciting to participate in a terrorist organization (misdemeanor).

The official announcement of the Police Headquarters

The issue was made public with an official announcement by the Authorities, which reads as follows:

Following coordinated actions by the Greek Police and the National Intelligence Service (NIS), a terrorist network was dismantled that, with guidance from abroad, was planning strikes against carefully selected targets in Greek territory.

On the basis of information collected and processed by the National Intelligence Service, coordinated operations of the EYP and the Anti-Terrorist Service (D.A.E.B.) were carried out in various areas of the territory.

In the context of these coordinated actions of the two Services, two (2) foreigners were arrested, members of the terrorist-leadership, who were active abroad, as the “brains” of the network.

They aimed not only at the loss of innocent citizens, but also at undermining the country’s sense of security, simultaneously damaging its institutions and threatening its international relations.

Analysis of the seized information and digital data revealed and confirmed that the members of the network:

had already chosen as the target of the attack, a building of special semiotics,
had carried out the reconnaissance of the area and the planning of the attack,
had received final instructions to carry out the blow,
in implementation of these instructions, they were also looking for other persons for the best possible execution of their mission.
A criminal case file was opened, while in the morning hours of 03/28/2023, the arrested persons were brought before the Athens District Attorney and referred to an Investigator.

Investigations are ongoing.