Before the terrorist attack on Jewish restaurant – synagogue in Psirri, which was allegedly planned by two Pakistani nationals who were arrested by the Anti-Terrorism in cooperation with the EYP, a similar case had also occupied Cyprus.

The planned terrorist attack in Cyprus had caused Israel’s reaction and Iran’s denial.

Cypriot press reports state that in mid-October 2021, the Cypriot police arrested a Pakistani man, as he was suspected of planning to execute Israeli businessmen in Cyprus. The arrested person was allegedly working with 38-year-old Azero, who was also arrested.

The 27-year-old, a resident of Pafos, originally from Pakistan, was arrested Mrduring a surprise operation in his apartment, where three mobile phones were found and confiscated. He was accused of being an accomplice of Azeros, who – a month earlier – had been arrested in Nicosia and a revolver was found on him.

The same reports state that Israel reported that Iran tried to carry out a “terrorist attack” targeting Israeli businessmen in Cyprus, following reports of an assassination attempt on the Israeli-Cypriot billionaire.

The Iranian embassy in Nicosia told Reuters that Israel “always makes baseless accusations against the Islamic Republic of Iran”.

The information about the existence of a similar nucleus in Greece began to be investigated by the EYP in November 2022, approaching members of the Pakistani community in the country, before arriving at the two main suspects.

Mossad assistance

Mossad helped Greece dismantle an Iranian terrorist cell, according to a statement from the Prime Minister’s Office Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday night.

According to Israeli media, the Mossad “helped Greece analyze and dismantle Iran’s operational procedures to solve the puzzle of the crime and the method of operation of the terrorist organization involved.”

“This is another example of Iran trying to use terror against Israeli and Jewish targets abroad,” Israel’s intelligence service said.

The Israeli media emphasized Mossad assistance “in identifying the link between the local terrorist cell in Greece and Iran’s wider global terrorist operations”. “Together with our partners, we will play our role without rest to prevent Iran’s intentions to cause harm to the entire world,” a Mossad statement added.

The profile of the terrorists arrested in Athens

From the information so far, it seems that they were illegally in Greece without legal documents the last 4-5 years. They are aged 27 and 29 and worked mainly in the countryside – in Zakynthos and Sparta – in agricultural work.

During their stay in Athens, they stayed in a room they had rented in Omonia, while their arrest took place in the center of the capital in mid-February.

As members of a terrorist network, in addition to the attack on the Jewish restaurant-synagogue in Psirri, they also planned murders, for which they would receive payment.

Prosecutions were brought against him for participation in and management of a criminal organization as well as incitement to participate in terrorist acts, while from an investigation, the authorities seized mobile phones, USB sticks and other items which were sent for examination to forensic laboratories.