The intervention of the prosecutor caused a complaint that saw the light of day in the last 24 hours, according to which a 15-year-old girl fell victim of beating by schoolgirlsin western Thessaloniki.

The parents of the minor, they complained two incidents of beatings against their daughter – one of which was posted on TikTok – but also continuous bullying being bullied by a group of underage girls because “she’s a good student”.

They complain that they addressed the competent education authorities but were limited to a simple reprimand.

Under these circumstances, the head of the Thessaloniki First Instance Prosecutor’s Office Dimitris Smyrnis gave order to the first instance prosecutor Panagiota Giga na order a preliminary examination by the Electronic Crime Prosecution of EL.AS. to investigate the complaint and identify the persons involved.

The focus of the investigation will be the acts of threats, physical harm, insults, breach of personal data and breach of duty (related to the teachers who received the complaint).