The methodical investigations of the police authorities and their immediate and organized operation yesterday morning in rented rooms in the area of ​​Duneiki, resulted in the “uncovering” of the plans of two criminal groups and the arrest of a total of five people, with three of them according to information to prepare a big blow directly to Tower.

The authorities caught the five perpetrators “sleeping” and by entering the rented rooms in which they had been staying for the last few days and which constituted their stronghold, they managed to arrest them.

They were preparing a strike

Recently, the perpetrators’ phones and their communications were monitored, managing to realize the big hit they were preparing in the coming days in Pyrgos, specifically in ELTAsince this period is known to be a payment period.

In fact, the same sources also report on the detection of the perpetrators in the previous days on Manolopoulou Street, near the ELTA, which proves that they stopped a large “hit” by the perpetrators in money laundering in time.

With a heavy criminal record – From Ilia the “brain”

Regarding the perpetrators, a total of five people were arrested, three nationals and two foreigners from Albania.

It is worth noting that a citizen and the two Albanians were part of a criminal group investigated by the police and linked to the robbery at the beginning of March at a jewelry store in Gastouni.

In fact, as far as the citizen is concerned, according to police sources, he is a notorious criminal originally from Ilia, who is also allegedly the “brain” of the organization and which for at least two decades has been of intense concern, while he has been imprisoned for similar offenses in the past.

He tried to escape when he became aware of the police operation, with EKAM men managing to arrest him in the area of ​​Kavasila, in his hideout.

At the same time, during their raid on another house, the achres also discovered two more citizens, whom they arrested due to the possession of weapons and narcotics found in their possession.

Evidence would be destroyed

From the police searches of the home of the first crime group, among the list of items seized were guns and bullets, several pieces of jewelry probably from the Gastoun robbery, a stolen car with stolen plates, as well as gasoline cans to destroy any evidence. item and the car, after completing the business.