1453 Mohammed II, at the head of 250,000 men, arrives before the walls of Constantinople.

1925 It is decided in Greece to implement the eight-hour shift in sections, depending on the financial situation of the various companies.

1956 Students of Paphos High School and College, singing the National Anthem and shouting the slogan “Unity”, come into conflict with strong English forces in the Estate.

1980 The cycle of songs by Manos Hadjidakis “The Era of Melissanthe” is presented for the first time, in a concert at the Municipal Theater of Piraeus.

1982Argentina occupies the Maldives Islands, which it considers its own, while the same islands with the name Falklands belong to Great Britain. (Falklands War)

1986 A bomb explodes on a TWA flight over Argos, killing four passengers and injuring five others. The bomb was planted by Abu Nidal’s Arab terrorist organization.


1805 Hans Christian Andersen, Danish storyteller. (D. 4/8/1875)

1927 Ferenc Puskas, the so-called “galloping colonel”, Hungarian footballer and coach, who led Panathinaikos to the Champions Cup final in 1971 at Wembley. (Than. 17/11/2006)

1948 Dimitris Mitropanos, Greek singer. (Wed. 4/17/2012)


1791 Count De Mirabeau, French writer and politician, one of the most important figures of the French Revolution. (Born 9/3/1749)

1872 Samuel Morse, American inventor and painter, creator of the telegraph and Morse signals. (Born 27/4/1791)

1989 Manolis Angelopoulos, The “Gyptos of folk song”, the only singer who challenged the primacy of Stelios Kazantzidis in the 60s. (Born 8/4/1939)