The local community in Orestiada, after the shocking incident that happened yesterday Saturday, when a soldier raped a 14-year-old boy he met online. However, the development was unexpected as the minor attacked his rapist, whom he beat and then robbed.

The 25-year-old military (EPOP) is hospitalized guarded by marshals. After raping the child, the minor chased him and tried to rob him. He hit him and injured him, with the soldier alerting the police and the tangle of the case unraveling.

The evidence that is coming to light is disturbing. The rape and the attempted robbery caused a shock both in the camp where the 25-year-old served, and in the local community, as many knew the 14-year-old child, who was also arrested.

According to the information provided by the police, resulting that the soldier met the 14-year-old online. They made an appointment and found themselves at the OSE warehouse in Orestiada. After raping the child, the 25-year-old got up to leave, but the minor victim started chasing him. When he reached him, he started punching him and tried to steal the mobile phone that the 25-year-old had.

The military man injured person notified the police and very quickly and the two were arrested. The 25-year-old for sexual acts with a minor and attracting children for sexual reasons and the 14-year-old for attempted robbery and dangerous bodily harm.

The military was quickly notified and the 25-year-old was taken to the military hospital located in Didymoteicho.