Enraged by the decision of the Belgian justice to release him with a wristband Pier Antonio Pancheri the Belgian lawyer of Eva Kaili, Sven Marie, declares to SKAI and Elli Kasolis.

The experienced lawyer complains that the Eva Kaili is under pressure and reveals that next Thursday, when the hearing of the Greek former vice-president of the European Parliament is scheduled, he will ask the Belgian judges to release his client, as was done with all the others involved in the case Qatargate.

“The most infuriating, disgusting and unbelievable thing is that Mr. Pancheri is out of jail because, I hope you’re sitting down, he’s depressed. And he also said that he also has a problem with his eyes. I’m going to be tough now though. I have a problem with my waist, I have a problem with everything. This cannot be a reason,” said the Belgian lawyer.

He also emphasized that he will be very tough and provocative towards the judges, because he is disappointed with the way the Belgian authorities acted.

“Regarding Mr. Pancheri’s statements, I very much doubt that he is telling the truth and the whole truth for everyone. I managed last week to watch all the videotaped interrogations of Mr. Pancheri. Surely at the end of the year he says that Mrs. Eva Kaili is corrupt”adds and denounces pressure on the Greek MEP:

“Mrs. Kaili has been questioned for more than 20 hours in the last two weeks by the police. He was able to answer all questions. They didn’t like that. Why; Because those aren’t the answers they want. And so that means the arrest warrant against Ms. Kaili is nothing more than a duress warrant. What is the pressure? That you don’t get out of jail if you don’t confess”.

On Maundy Thursday, April 13, Eva Kaili will again appear before the preliminary investigation board and will ask to be released with restrictive conditions. As her Belgian lawyer exclusively tells SKAI, they are prepared and optimistic.

-Are you optimistic?

– Yes, of course I am. It’s impossible not to let her go free when I hear everyone else is out. No!

-Have you spoken with Mrs. Kaili? How is it now;

– It’s like when someone is imprisoned. It is like someone crying out for his innocence.

Pancheri’s release from prison with electronic bail is expected at the end of this week.