In case revenge pornography a 38-year-old man is involved, against whom a preliminary investigation file was filed, while according to information, the perpetrator has other accomplices.

The police, after a long investigation, found the man in question who was active in social networks along with his partners hacking the profiles of unsuspecting users in order to extort money from them.

The way that were approaching their victims was to use the profiles of their loved ones from their contacts and managed to get into their personal accounts on these social networks and since they sent them messages that they were depicted on “pink” websites they asked them to follow a specific link in order to avoid … evil. Victims had to enter their passwords, which the perpetrators would “hijack” and thus access their victims’ accounts and change them.

So having access to their personal information, the perpetrators blackmailed them into sending very personal material to their online friends asking for money, about 1000 euros.

If the victims, three women from Larissa and one from Thessaloniki, they did not follow through on their threats, acted on them to intimidate by sending their private photos and videos to a few people, or making them public on their personal pages, while it appeared that the users themselves were posting the material.

The police investigation seems to have borne fruit and a case file has been filed which will be submitted to the Larissa First Instance Prosecutor’s Office.