With splendor, loud claps, laurels and rose petals, the first message of the Resurrection was sent by the faithful and the priest of the Metropolis of Paronaxia on the morning of Holy Saturday.

Father Apostolos Velonis in a theatrical manner and with incredible speed was “thrown” from the sanctuary singing “Rise God, judge the earth, that you do not inherit in all the nations” and the church was shaken by the noises caused by the faithful hitting and shaking with force the pews.

At the same time and in the same rhythm the chandeliers of the Metropolis were shaking as a representation of the earthquake, at the time when Jesus was resurrected.

Father Apostolos Velonis scattered laurel leaves, symbols of Christ’s victory over death, and rose petals to the faithful, who accepted with great joy the message that their priest conveyed so clearly to them.

The custom refers to the Resurrection of Christ that breaks the bonds of death and at the same time an earthquake shakes the earth.

The faithful wait with longing for Saturday night, the resurrection of the Lord, to shout and sing “Christ is Risen”.