The intervention of the Police was necessary on Holy Saturday (15/4) in the Emergency Department of the Lamia Hospital, when a patient who had come in with precardial pain, attacked the reception nurse.

The latter, following the protocol, asked the patient to first take his history and proceed with a cardiogram, but he insisted on being seen by a doctor directly.

He even tried to grab her by the throat while mouthing bad words. Fortunately, the security employee, who had noticed the tension in the patient’s voices, intervened in time and protected the nurse, who nevertheless got a scratch on her hand.

The patient was examined normally, without the need for further hospitalization, however, both the police and the administration of the Foundation were informed about the incident, which will proceed with a lawsuit report for the aggressive behavior of the man.

According to the Governor Andreas Kolokythas, their constant principle is the protection of the staff and patients, as well as the maintenance of the orderly operation of the Hospital and they will not allow anyone to compromise it. He even reminds that in the recent past, the court was followed in a similar incident, while a short time ago there was a court decision for another incident, for which the culprit was sentenced to 9 months in prison.