THE Area of ​​Supervised Use (XX) of OKANA in Athens he came to fill a big gap in the field of addictions. With the new XEX, OKANA completed the network of damage reduction structures and services.

Today, this new and innovative structure completes one year since its establishment and operation.

The operating data of XEX prove by themselves the necessity that existed for its creation.

With 10,692 visits for supervised use by 987 unique beneficiaries, XEX meets the needs of active users of psychoactive substances every day.

At the same time, primary care, hygiene care and basic living needs (feeding, clothing) are provided within the XEX.

In total, 27,421 visits have been made to XEX for all the above services.

The benefits of XEX do not stop there, as there are not a few referrals and connections of the beneficiaries with other structures and services of the Organization and the health system, so that they can take the next therapeutic step.

But the most important of all is that more than 100 human lives have been saved within one year of its operation. Specifically, in 69 cases, possible overdoses have been prevented through close monitoring by the specialized staff of XEX, while in 56 cases of overdose, Naloxone was administered, saving the lives of the beneficiaries.

OKANA’s first XEX “STEKI 46” is fully equipped and staffed with a multidisciplinary team to meet the needs of the beneficiaries.

It includes 12 specially designed places for injecting and/or inhaling the use of pre-acquired drugs, areas for the beneficiaries to stay, a doctor’s office for the provision of primary care and dealing with overdose cases, as well as an area for the provision of counseling/psychological support and liaison of beneficiaries with a therapeutic program.

With XEX completing its first year with great success, managing to break the barriers of many years, save human lives and meet real needs, today the Administration of the Organization has already extended its operating hours from 8:00 a.m. to at 22.00 on all days of the week (Monday-Sunday).

OKANA, with XEX, strengthened its holistic and human-centered model, with the aim of protecting the individual health of the beneficiaries as well as Public Health.