“At the end of June it is planned to announce the scores of the general and special courses will be announced at the beginning of July. We hope to have the basis for admission by the end of July” said the General Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Alexandros Koptsis, in the First Program.

The goal, he emphasized, is to come out at least on the same date as last year, if not earlier. “Very early anyway, if not the end of July, the beginning of August, our students will know where they are going and this so that they have a month and a half at their disposal to plan their lives” pointed out Mr. Koptsis.

Minimum entry basis applies, as is the percentage given by the schools for each of the subjects examined, he added, stressing that the admission basis has played a very large role, as this year they are admitted, as they were admitted last year, with approximately a 7 rating while they were admitted with a 0.1 – 0.2. “This resulted in everyone entering the schools and a small percentage graduating, meaning that we don’t have students who leave the university.

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“The quality of the studies was not upgraded, it is self-evident, when everyone enters who is not interested in finishing the school” argued Mr. Koptsis, underlining that the minimum admission basis does not affect those with high scores at all, while he noted that it is not chance that over the 50% of successful candidatesthey enter the first choice them, because they choose the school they really want and get into it.

As regards the critical dates, as announced and noted by the Secretary General of the Ministry of of Education, the National Examinations they start June 1 for EPAL and June 2 for GEL. “For the second time we are starting very early and in fact this year we instituted information so that all candidates and their parents know exactly when the exams will start, what the material will be, what the procedures are, all the decisions are already in the schools for a long time,” he emphasized.

“For High school May 18, i.e. the Thursday before the parliamentary elections, is the last day of classes. For High Schools it is May 30. As always, nothing changes for the Elementary School, they end on June 15. From May 23, the graduation and promotion exams begin. We were ready for all scenarios for a long time and we are fully prepared” added Mr. Koptsis.