Temporary traffic regulations will be implemented on the Athens-Thessaloniki National Highway due to the execution of works maintenance in the tunnels of Tempe.

In particular, the General Regional Police Directorate of Thessaly announces that, following a decision by the Larissa Police Directorate, due to the execution of maintenance work – upgrading of the electronic systems of the T1-T2-T3 tunnels, the following temporary traffic regulations will apply for the period from Tuesday (09-05-2023) to Friday (12-05-2023), from 08:00 to 20:00 or until the work is completed:

I. total blocking of vehicle traffic on the A.TH.E. Motorway. in both directions, from Evangelismos Uneven Junction to Leptokaryas Uneven Junction, with traffic diverted to P.E.O. Evangelismos – Leptokaryas,

II. blocking the entrance branch to the Motorway to the Rapsanis Highway in the direction of Athens,

III. blocking the entrance to the hopper of the Platamonas Toll Station on the Platamonas A/C to Athens and Thessaloniki.

During the works, the traffic of vehicles for both (2) directions (Athens – Thessaloniki) will be carried out by P.E.O. Athens – Thessaloniki (existing National Highway Evangelismos – Leptokaryas, through the Tempo Valley) and specifically from the Uneven Evangelism Junction to the administrative boundaries of the P.E. Larisa – Pieria.