The 22-year-old woman who was arrested accused of she left her four-month-old baby in a car in a department store parking lot to do her shopping.

The young woman was tried on her own initiative and found guilty of endangering a minor. For the same case, her 27-year-old friend and the owner of the car was arrested, who was released with a verbal order from the prosecutor.

In her apology, the 22-year-old acknowledged that she was wrong and apologized.

“I took it with me because I had nowhere to leave it. I left it because I was breastfeeding the whole way. The child was tired. When we got there he fell asleep. I went to get some things and will be back. There were a lot of people at the checkout, that’s why I was late,” said the defendant, a mother of three minor children, in her apology.

According to the case file, the incident happened yesterday at noon, in eastern Thessaloniki, while the infant was left alone in the vehicle for at least 40 minutes.

“She was in the child seat, the car was locked and the window was half open. The baby woke up and was crying,” said a female eyewitness who alerted Immediate Action and “Baby’s Smile” in her statement (which was read in court).