Fate played a bad game on a 74-year-old retired teacher, who had gone to his field with the tractor in a rural area on the Atalanti – Kalapodi road.

He was found shortly before 18:30 on Tuesday evening (9/5) unconscious, having been crushed by the agricultural tractor.

His people were worried that he had not answered the phone since noon and started searching. Unfortunately, their fears that something bad had happened were confirmed.

It was a very dear person, a retired teacher from Zeli, and it seems that the damage was caused by damage to the brake system, by a random external event. The tractor reportedly went downhill and overturned, trapping him underneath.

Firefighters from Atalanti intervened at the scene, while the 7th EMAK was also called but did not have to arrive at the scene.

An EKAV ambulance transported the unfortunate man to the Atalanti Health Center where he was pronounced dead.

A preliminary investigation into the causes of the accident is being carried out by the AT Lokron.