A 17-year-old Irish woman who has been staying at the “St. Andreas” hospital for 17 days remains unclaimed, and no one knows what her fate will be.

The minor’s story became known when her relatives reported her disappearance and the Police mobilized to locate her. Indeed, they managed to find the 17-year-old in the area of ​​Akrata, in fact, there was an American with her.

Then, for her protection, it was decided to transfer her to “St. Andreas” hospital, until the prosecution authorities decide on her transfer.

The remarkable and incredible fact at the same time is that even though her relatives declared her missing, none of them were interested in the girl, as a result of which she remains in the hospital guarded by female police officers as she has tendencies to run away.

And while the prosecutor’s authorities should have issued a decision 17 days ago to accommodate her in one of the respective institutions in the region, this has not been possible!

The result, as noted by the president of the police officers of Achaia, Haris Tsitsikas, is that internal problems are being created since female police officers have stopped all other work to guard the 17-year-old Irish woman 24 hours a day.