The Municipality of Piraeus is carrying out a major intervention for the shaping and cleaning of Votsalakia beach these days, in order for the beach to be ready to welcome citizens and visitors in the summer months.

The beach is located after the gulf of Mikrolimanos, under the hill of Kastela and before Pasalimani.

These extensive works were deemed necessary, as Votsalakia beach has suffered extensive damage in December 2021, where the weather phenomenon “Zorbas”, destroyed the courts and the surrounding area.

The Municipality of Piraeus, wanting the beach of our city to be in the best possible condition ahead of the summer season and until the big project for the overall restoration of the beach begins in September, is proceeding with all the forces of the municipality, with machinery and human resources in shaping the popular beach of our city.

The work is expected to be completed next week.

The Mayor of Piraeus, Mr. Yiannis Moralis, visited Votsalakia beach and in his statement referred to the works, as well as the large project for the regeneration of the beach, which will completely change its appearance.

“Piraeus has two beaches, Freattyda and Votsalakia, which, as is known, are declared archaeological sites, making our interventions difficult.

In addition, in Votsalakia in December 2021 we had extensive damage, as the weather phenomenon “Zorbas” in its wake destroyed the courts, the walls, the surrounding area. The problems were many and since then we have been making a great effort to reshape our beach to be in the best possible condition.

Despite the fact that the public accounting has very long delays, we managed to have a contractor for the large project of the reconstruction in Votsalakia, with a budget of 1,000,0000 euros. With the completion of this important project, the appearance of the beach will change completely, the courts will be moved, the beach will be remodeled, which will become more beautiful, more functional, with upgraded services to citizens.

In a few days we sign with the contractor, nevertheless we could not wait and leave our beach in the existing state.

All the services of the municipality, all the forces of the Municipality of Piraeus are these days at Votsalakia beach and within the next week we will have a better and more human image, until the contractor comes in and changes the landscape as a whole, so that we have a beach worthy of Piraeus and our visitors”.