In Crete is, from early in the morning, o president of OASP, Efthymios Lekkasaccompanied by the general director of the Organization Vas. Mokos, after 5.1 magnitude earthquake on Thursday night, centered on the Mesara region.

Mr. Lekkas stated that during the night they were recorded 12 earthquakes from 3 to 4.5 on the Richter scale and how this helps to defuse the phenomenon being monitored, urging that there be neither panic nor complacency.

“We cannot make any predictions about how the seismic activity will go, however we are in a good phase. But citizens should know that this can take days,” informed Mr. Lekkas. He added that it cannot be said whether or not it was the main earthquake and that in the afternoon the scientific body for assessing seismicity will be convened following an order from the Ministry of Civil Protection and Climate Crisis.

As far as citizens are concerned, he recommended, among other things, not to attend or pass by old damaged buildings, in the event of an earthquake, to choose an open space and to move in an orderly manner.

At a meeting held at Phaistos town hall, the Deputy Minister of Sports, Lefteris Avgenakis, was also present, who stated that following an order from the Prime Minister, he is in the area to make it clear that “the citizens are not alone” and that all necessary actions will be taken, both for recording and recording as well as for dealing with any consequences.

“The first directions have been given to citizens and local bodies in order to deal with any phenomenon” pointed out Mr. Avgenakis.

The mayor of Phaistos Grigoris Nikolidakis stated that in some areas of the municipality there are damages to buildings and an inspection has already begun, while he made it clear that most of them will have the information and support they need. In addition, he noted that ahead of the elections, checks will be made at the schools that will host polling stations.

The meeting was attended by representatives of services such as the Police and Fire Brigade, representatives of municipal units, as well as the regional director of Education. Schools will be reassessed on Monday if they eventually open on Tuesday, while it was pointed out that whatever care is needed will be taken, in view of the national exams.