Ready, well-polished, fully alive some rare cars from several decades, have a date, next to the sea, under the gaze of thousands of visitors and millions of spectators, with the behemoths of the American muscle car industry. Next to a unique 1925 Dedion Bouton, visitors to Alimos Classic Car Sunday 4, this Sunday, May 28, 2023, will see a pink Cadillac or a red Ferrari Maranello, contrasts of designs, colors, styles, aesthetics and, above all, displacement!

The mayor of Alimos, Andreas Kondylis, will welcome permanent as well as new owners of classics, to the coastal promenade which this year has many surprises. “All its “streets” get their own name (from classic car brands) and some 500 meters of pedestrian street are completely covered by sound installations”, says the mayor, emphasizing that “since the music, along with the ice creams, the granitas, the popcorn and balloons, but also a surprise, a 60s canteen with street food of that era, are necessary supplements of such a celebration that brings together families, children, babies and… pets every year, but it is also a celebration of culture.

With the cooperation of large and small Clubs and their members, but also with a strong presence of private individuals who have valuable four-wheelers, we will gather over 200 cars, all of which will be at the disposal of visitors, from 13:00 to 19:00 and the pedestrian street is accessible by bus or tram, since the municipality’s parking spaces are not endless! But our friends will also be able to get free lottery tickets, with the one and only lucky winner of the lottery winning an unforgettable Sunday ride in the classic Rolls Royce of the municipality of Alimos.”

For Nikos Mastorakis, who always has the first say in this event, “ACCS has become an institution and the challenge is, every year, to add new and enticing elements, both for the drivers and for the spectators. This year we are even hosting, in the Future Classics section, the electrification that PPC Blue so worthily represents, with the past staring at the future and two Volks Wagen, a Bulli from the 60s “jealous” of the electric ID Buzz, which the spectators will see perhaps for the first time. Among them, a dynamic charger will bridge the past with the future and experts will explain the economic and environmental advantages of electric mobility.

This year there are also three competitions (with a prize of big gift vouchers from the Box) for the most popular car, the most impressive future classic and the most important historical one, while all the drivers get impressive gifts, hats, beach towels and “free” for the whole the season of Cine Alimos. And for those who can’t come to see all this in person and spend an unforgettable Sunday, we will constantly update social media with… almost live video, every half hour from 11:00 in the morning, on nico.mastorakis”

Entries for ACCS4 will close on Saturday 27th May, to allow some traditionally… latecomers to attend who can request information and entry forms at alimosevents@