The DIAS police officer is shocking. who took the small child out of the car in which they had been left locked by Danish tourists in Zakynthos.

Specifically, the police officer, Spyros Moiras, described to and the show “Our Breakfast” how did it happen incident in Zakynthos: “We received a signal about a baby who was in a car alone. We were a bit far, but we moved as quickly as possible, because due to the tourist season, there is a lot of traffic.”

Then the police officer of DI.AS. he pointed out that the parents had no eye contact and that they were about 200 – 300 meters from the car.

He noted that after the call about the incident, it took about 6-7 to arrive. “Arriving at the scene, there were some neighbors who told us that the baby had been in the car for at least half an hour,” he said.

Asked about the condition of the child when they opened the car, he underlined that: “I’m telling you this and I shudder, I’ve never experienced such a situation before and I was in Athens for years. I also remembered the incident in Arta and on the road as I went I said no, something like this will not happen again. If something like that happened, I wouldn’t even want to think about it, because I have a child myself. The kid is fine, but when I got him out of the car he was like lost, he was about to have a heat stroke, he was burning, boiling. They had left a tablet and to put it aside I did it with my fingertips because it burned. It was very sunny and yesterday the temperature was 28 degrees Celsius. It was 50 degrees inside the car.”

He said that his parents told him that “in Denmark it is not illegal to leave children in the car” and he replied that “in Denmark it is not 50 degrees in the car”.