It was completed with complete success liberation three little bearswhich were trapped in a channel at the Triantafyllia Dam in the municipality of Florina.

As announced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Florina Forests Directorate, after being informed at 11:50 am. from the game warden of the Hunting Federation of Macedonia Thrace (KOMATH) that three small bears had fallen into a canal of the Triantafyllia Dam, led by its head, immediately activated the “Immediate Intervention Team” of the P.E. Florina, which is responsible for the management of incidents involving bears and other wild animals in residential areas.

At the same time, he informed the general directorate of Forests and Forest Environment and the general secretary of Forests himself, Konstantinos Arabosi.

In addition to the Forestry Directorate of Florina of the Forestry Policy Implementation Inspection of Epirus and Western Macedonia of the Ministry of Environment and Energy, KOMATH, the police and the Fire Service, as well as the environmental organizations “Kallisto” and “Arktouros” arrived at the scene.

According to the Ministry of the Interior, the response of all involved bodies was immediate and all actions were carried out taking all safety measures, as the mother bear was also present at the scene.

The three little bears, about five months old, were released in the area in order to be located by their mother. It should be noted that the forest service is constantly patrolling the wider area to confirm the family’s reunification.