The news about the progress of the health of the 8-year-old boy, who was injured because his father killed his mother in front of his eyes, in Halkidiki, is good news.

Last night the doctors at “Hippocrateo” extubated him after five days of hospitalization in the Children’s ICU of the hospital.

According to competent sources, the 8-year-old boy will remain for a few more hours in the Intensive Care Unit, however within the day he will be transferred to the pediatric surgery clinic.

The 8-year-old is likely to be subjected to new surgerieswhile also yesterday the doctors proceeded to remove fragments from his face, specifically under the eyes, on the nose, as well as on his neck.

It is recalled that in the previous days the doctors of the Hippocrates Hospital were waiting for the right moment to “wake him up”, despite the fact that from the moment they estimated that he had escaped the danger. However, the little boy is hospitalized in a stable but critical condition and, of course, as the authorities report, the fight ahead of him for the recovery of his injuries is long.